The Cognitive Assessment Program (CAP) is housed in the Department of Psychology at George Mason University (GMU). The goal of the GMU Psychology Department is the “Development and application of scientific psychology to enhance human potential through research-based practice and practice-informed research.”

In relation to the CAP office, this means furthering knowledge about best practices in the assessment of students for advanced academic programming and the enhancement of the competencies and skills of all students.
Currently, the faculty, staff, and graduate students affiliated with the CAP office are interested in a number of areas of research related to assessment of the students we serve. Four questions currently under investigation are: 1) what are the specific cognitive predictors of achievement for gifted children, 2) what is the structure of cognitive abilities among gifted students, 3) what is the correspondence of scores from different cognitive tests, and 4) what is the impact of English as a second language among gifted children.

Our first research study was published in the journal, School Psychology Quarterly. To view this article, please click on the second link below. We also have several more studies under review in professional journals, and we plan to add them as they are published.

Rowe, E. W., Kingsley, J. M., & Thompson, D. F. (2010). Predictive ability of the General Ability Index (GAI) versus the Full Scale IQ among gifted referrals. School Psychology Quarterly, 25(2), 119-128. Click here to view!

We greatly appreciate the students and families who support our office by seeking our services, and those who have the flexibility to contribute their time and effort to our ongoing research. Thank you.

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