The George Mason University Cognitive Assessment Program and Early Childhood Center are directed by faculty in the School Psychology Program at George Mason. These faculty members have extensive experience working with children, adolescents and adults from the Northern Virginia community, and several also have worked as school psychologists for Fairfax County Public Schools. In addition to working with elementary aged children with learning and behavioral issues, the supervisors have published articles on the assessment of high-achieving students in scholarly journals. Current areas of specialty include: assessment of children with advanced academic/cognitive abilities; early childhood assessment; assessment of children with learning and emotional disorders; and parenting skills for challenging children. The faculty members regularly teach graduate level courses in Intellectual Assessment; Social/Emotional Assessment; Interventions for Academic and Behavior Problem, and Assessment Practicum Supervision.

Intake Staff: The Cognitive Assessment Program intake office is staffed by graduate level students from George Mason University’s School Psychology Program. Our intake staff members are responsible for making appointments, communicating with examiners, responding to parent inquiries, and record maintenance.

Protocol Reviewers: To ensure high quality and accuracy of assessment results, all examiners must submit their testing protocols to a Reviewer, for an independent review of test administration and scoring. Protocol Reviewers are advanced graduate students who are selected for their demonstrated skill and accuracy in test administration and scoring.

Examiners: Our examiners are highly trained and closely supervised graduate students from the School Psychology and Clinical Psychology Graduate Programs at George Mason University. Our students have all received extensive training in empirically based “best practices” in standardized test administration, scoring, and interpretation. All reports are supervised by a licensed, doctoral level psychologist with expertise in the cognitive assessment of children. In addition to being highly trained, our examiners bring considerable dedication and enthusiasm to their positions.

Although most of our examiners are graduate students, we are also fortunate to have a number of former graduates who continue to provide assessment services for the Cognitive Assessment Program.

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